Jasne Julus – e – Eid – e – Milad – Un- Nabi (Sallallahu Aalaihe Wasallam)


 Jasne Julus – E – Eid – E – Milad – Un- Nabi (Sallallahu Aalaihe Wasallam)

The ever largest Religious Procession (Jasne – Julus – E – Eid – E – Milad – Un- Nabi Sallallahu Aalaihe Wasallam) held in every year at Chattagram (Chittagong) in Bangladesh on the eve of the holy Birthday of Prophet Hazart Muhammad (Sallallahu Aalaihe Wasallam) on 12 th Rabiul Awal in accordance with the Arabic Hizri Year, participated by the minimum 7 to 8 millions Peoples devotees from each and every corner of the Country attended by them from dawn to dusk.

This unparallel event has been organized by the world famous Religious Organization Anjuman- E-Rahmania Ahmadia Sunnia Trust, Chattagram (Chittagong) since 1974 AD and onwards in every year. It has been observed the Participation in this yearly Holy Event have been increasing in every year with the special focus of Profound Love with Supreme Regards to our Beloved Prophet Hazart Muhammad (Sallallahu Aalaihe Wasallam).

The procession has been Leading by the 40th  direct descendent of Prophet (Sallallahu Aalaihe Wasallam) Rahnuma-E-Shariot-O-Tariqat Hazaratul-Haj Allama Syed Muhammad Taher Shah (Madda Jilluhul Ali) as Spiritual Leader of Muslim Ummah of this Sub-Continent also the Permanent President of the Anjuman-E-Rahmania Ahmadia Sunnia Trust.

This unique and unparallel Procession (Jasne – Julus – E – Eid – E – Milad – Un- Nabi Sallallahu Aalaihe Wasallam) started from Alamgir Khanqah Sharif at Sholoshahar Chattagram (Chittagong) and moving throughout the City of Chattagram (Chittagong) with the recitation of different Religious Slogans by allthe Participates expressing their heartfelt feelings with Love and Highest Regards for the Prophet Hazart Muhammad (Sallallahu Aalaihe Wasallam) and concluded with a great gathering (Mahfil) at the Julus Ground of Asia Famous Religious Educational Institution Jamea Ahmadia Sunnia Alia Madrasha, on completion of Namaz –E- Zuhar with the offering of Dua (Prayer) for the well being of all the Peoples of the Worlds and Salvation of the Departed Souls of Muslim Ummah.

In this year 2019 the Program is scheduled to be held on Sunday November 10, 2019 with the expected Participation of 10 (ten) Millions Devotees and will be live Telecast by almost all of the Electronic Media of Bangladesh and detail news will be covered by all Leading Newspapers of the Country.

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Julus Organizing Committee.